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We deliver all kind of services that support small and micro businesses.


We love to support other organizations by providing support for memorable events. We have participated in various volunteering opportunities in the Jacksonville, Florida, and Fort Valley, Georgia areas. We are dedicated to the growth of individuals and other organizations as well. If you are a person who likes to volunteer, please reach out to us for opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!


We are open to donations throughout the year. Donations are used to provide teaching opportunities, conduct seminars, purchase supplies, and provide scholarships to individuals seeking financial needs to better their growth and housing.


We are always in search of new ways to help people and organizations enhance personal and or organizational growth. If you know someone or an organization who can benefit from what Developed 2 Overcome has to offer, please have them reach out to us. We will be happy to support areas that enhance one’s abilities.

Corporate Sponsorship

We seek Corporate Sponsors to support the growth of Developed 2 Overcome, Inc. Continued sponsorships will provide opportunities to build the community, individuals, and the well-being of the current and future state of America. 

Training We Offer:


    Individuals will understand the various types of communication.
    Individuals will be able to demonstrate communication via various means.
    Individuals will be able to determine and explain the various types of communication.

Conflict Management:

    Individuals will understand what conflict management is.
    Individuals will be able to demonstrate the means to resolve conflicts.
    Individuals will be able to explain conflict management to others. 


    Individuals will understand and answer questions more clearly.
    Individuals will be able to ask questions relevant to the job that they are applying for.
    Mock interviews will be conducted to prepare the individuals. 


    Individuals will understand positive teamwork actions.
    Individuals will be able to demonstrate teamwork skills.
    Individuals will be able to explain teamwork to others. 

D2O Provides Support at Various Levels

  • Individuals

    D2O is dedicated to working with individuals to provide them with the highest level of support, motivational skills, self-awareness and to prepare them for greater opportunities.

  • Entrepreneurs

    We provide tools and particularized solutions to help entrepreneurs improve their corporate and or business image.

  • 02


    Supporting non-profit organizations by volunteering, soliciting volunteers, conducting presentations, and working with students and adults at various locations to enhance their social skills.

  • Foundations

    Through our rigorous review process and wide network, we provide foundations with the opportunity to send gifts to local nonprofit organizations around the world that would be too small for conventional grant processes.